Alternative Dining Restaurant Management | Dukkan Falafel - Alternative Dining Restaurant Management
ADE concepts are Dukkan Falafel, Dukkan Shawerma, Dukkan Shawerma + Falafel and Tawasy Gourmet Catering.
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Savor fresh and delicious falafel, hummus and foul at any time of the day at Dukkan falafel which brings to you this delicacy at your doorstep.

Whether it’s the beginning to your day, at lunch , a mid day snack , dinner, or a midnight meal, the flavors that flow from Dukkan Falafel which is nearest to you ,you can catch your favorite food and satisfy your cravings.

The cozy décor invites you to experience the culture of falafel, hummus and foul . A combination of traditional and specialty preparations allow the quality of the ingredients to shine while the rich , hearty flavors that characterize the cuisine are mainstays of the menu.

Step into our world at any time of the day for a quick and efficient service and at a value price setting us apart from all concepts.

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Our Menu

Falafel Sandwiches

Falafel Original
Falafel Deluxe

Tomato Omelette Sandwich
Falafel Omelette Sandwich

Saj Sandwiches

Falafel Saj

Falafel Platter

Falafel Platter
Falafel Saj Platter
Falafel Deluxe Platter
Mega Platter
Event Platter


Falafel Pieces
Stuffed Falafel
Stuffed Falafel with Cheese

Salad & Side Items
Old Fashioned Potatoes
Falafel Salads

Hummus & Foul
Hummus Tahina
Hummus with Pinenuts
Foul (Mashed Fava Beans)
Fatet Hummus
Hummus With Meat
Fatet Hummus With Meat

Dubai Branch

Dukkan Falafel – Al Warqaa
Enoc Al Warqaa
Al Warqaa, Dubai U.A.E.
Tel : +971 4 236 10 11

Dukkan Falafel – Gardens
Enoc Gardens, behind IBN Batuta Gate
Gardens, Dubai U.A.E.
Tel : +971 4 882 43 15

Dukkan Falafel – Al Twar
Enoc Al Twar, Opp. Bustan Center
Al Twar, Dubai U.A.E.
Tel : +971 4 255 85 04


Dukkan Falafel – JAFZA
Enoc Jafza, Exit 5
Jafza, Dubai U.A.E.
Tel : +971 4 887 62 20

Dukkan Falafel – Lamcy Plaza
Lamcy Plaza Food Court
Oud Metha, Dubai U.A.E.
Tel :+971 4 357 33 35

Abu Dhabi Branch

Dukkan Falafel – Khalidiya
Khalidiya St.
Abu Dhabi U.A.E.
Tel : +971 2 666 29 39

Dukkan Falafel – Khalifa City A
Khalifa City A
Abu Dhabi U.A.E.
Tel : +971 2 556 55 82

Qatar Branch

Dukkan Falafel – Rawdat Hamama
Woqod Petrol Stn,
Rawdat Hamama, Qatar
Tel : +974 4 432 93 63

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